NFRC Store

This is the online store for the purchase of roofing-related documents and publications from NFRC. For more details of NFRC, please visit

Most documents are available either as printed items or digital downloads. Printed documents are sent by Royal Mail 2nd class post and despatched within ten days of receipt of payment for your order. We only deliver to UK addresses and there is a charge of £6.95+VAT per order for postage and packing. Please note that shipping costs are non-refundable. Orders over £100 in value have free delivery. 

Protected Digital Documents

Our technical documents are available in two digital formats (both formats are included when you purchase the digital PDF):

  • A DRM-protected PDF which you can download (requires Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader);
  • An online viewable version that you can read in your web browser (including on most smartphones/tablets).

Digital PDFs are secured using a digital rights management (DRM) system to prevent unauthorised copies being shared. The content of the documents remain the copyright of NFRC and you are buying a licence to view the content. Standard licences allow the document to be opened on up to three devices, please contact the NFRC Helpdesk if you are interested in purchasing licences for a greater number of users. Digital downloads are non-refundable once the document has been opened. 

If you do not already have a login to the NFRC’s DRM system, you will need to obtain one from the NFRC Helpdesk. You will be asked to enter your username (usually your email address) and password when opening PDFs purchased from this store. See our DRM help page for more details.

The number of different documents currently available for purchase in each of the following categories is: